Our Culture

Serving Patients Since 2009

Why Choose Alliance Physical Therapy?

At Alliance Physical Therapy, we provide a balanced approach to your treatment. All of our clinics are staffed with highly experienced Physical Therapists who adhere to a strict Standard of Care. This ensures that you receive the best possible treatment and the best chance for recovery.

Our Goal :

To use our years of experience to make your years of life better. 

Our Mission :

To provide the highest level of care in the friendliest atmosphere to maximize your quality of life.

Our Vision :

To be the choice physical therapy practice in our community by obtaining excellent, timely results.

Our Approach :

Alliance Physical Therapy provides physical therapy treatment as directed by your physician. During your first appointment with us, we will do a thorough evaluation which will provide an outline that will determine the best treatment and goals. As a result, a timely recovery is generally achieved. Rehabilitation treatment usually includes:

  • Manual therapy in conjunction with customized exercise.

  • Education to understand your problem and the human anatomy involved.

  • Strategies to prevent a recurrence.

  • Individual home exercise program.

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