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Anodyne Therapy (monochromatic infrared photo energy) is a modern, science-based form of light therapy that relieves our patients of pain, muscle spasms, stiffness and circulation issues.
It complements traditional physical therapy and is administered with the aid of a specialized machine that emits specific wavelengths of the light spectrum for a specified amount of time.
Our specialists have learned that every wavelength possesses certain qualities that coincide with relief administered to different painful areas of the body.
For example, you may experience some relief when your body is warmed by natural sunlight. Anodyne therapy mimics that, but with an evidence-based approach that makes the light wavelength more specific and timed to provide maximum relief.
Anodyne is a word that means a medical treatment that offers relief from pain. Anodyne therapy has been used by physical therapists in some form since 1994.
At Alliance Physical Therapy, serving the Greater Chattanooga, TN, our anodyne therapy uses infrared light applied to the skin’s surface. We have seen how successfully it can eliminate painful symptoms with just one or a few sessions.
For that reason, we also find it useful in helping patients dealing with chronic pain from certain medical conditions. The relief of pain and increased circulation helps them regain a significant quality of life while simultaneously improving their balance, endurance, strength, range of motion and overall flexibility.

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