FCE: Employment & Disability Testing

Alliance Physical Therapy offers different types of testing depending on your specific needs.


Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are useful to help determine a person’s range of physical abilities relevant to their ability to work at a certain job and/or maintain a degree of independent living. They also help determine if vocational rehabilitation is necessary. This set of tests, practices, and observations create an objective determination of a person’s functional ability and can be applied to a variety of life areas, but are most often geared towards employment.

They are often an essential requirement if a person has applied for disability payments from an insurer.

FCE's are normally only covered by worker's compensation insurances. Alliance offers the most affordable and competitive self-pay rate for individuals needing this testing. 


Physical Ability Testing (PAT) is often ordered by an employer to evaluate a potential job candidate fitness for a position. Our therapists are certified through Advanced Ergonomics and perform the testing, they send the testing results to the employer who requested the test and the employer then decides if the candidate has passed or failed.